SS at the Blue Mountains

Today we climbed the 1000 Steps in Katoomba. There was a group of 20 of us. All different fitness levels but as always everyone was very supportive!

Usually tourists walk down the steps then walk towards the scenic rail which takes them back up the mountain.

But instead we do the opposite! The challenge is to go up the stairs which means we walk down and across the mountain (to avoid the easy way and going down the scenic rail) We walk to the bottom of the steps and then finally climb the steps! This coarse took us just under 2hrs.

The steps are the hardest part of the challenge! They test you mentally they are so steep it really gets your heart rate up high! So it's a perfect challenge for all fitness levels by the end of it we all felt really good and motivated for completing it!

I personally was proud of myself! This was the third time and I think this time it still was difficult, got my heart rate up but I felt in control! I was able to control my breathing and get it done =D I burnt just over 1000 calories.

Proud of all of us! The stairs were harder to climb in the heat! and everyone made it!


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