Warrior Dash 2013

Warrior Dash on Saturday with my friend Amy which was awesome, we have been on our weighloss journeys together!! She has been there from the start we constantly email/text each other! Have been gym buddies before and good friends for almost 5 years now! But we had never participated in an event together!! So I was pretty excited :)

It was so great to push each other, get through the obstacles and all the running!! I have to admit she did alot of pushing and encouraging! I got my first bit of anxiety in a long time! To many things on my mind lately! Thank goodness I didn't have a panic attack just had to work on controlling myself! We did pretty amazing! All worked out great in the end! It felt awesome!!

Now got to think of the next thing to sign up for! Love these kind of challenges! Leaves me buzzing knowing what I've accomplished!


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