The Morning Show!

Monday my Mornings Show appearance!! Probably the hardest thing I've had to do!!! Yikes! Being on a live tv show! Me?! that's usually pretty quiet!! Really disliked being infront of people! Never have celebrated my birthday in a big way for that reason, I'm the kinda girl that has always wanted tiny wedding just for the fact I'm not comfortable being in the spot light and dreaded standing up infront of the class for speeches! Nervous wreck! Then there is that old memory of being teased about the way that i spoke :/ Hope you get my drift now!

So for me this was a huge accomplishment!! It was my kind of facing your fears!!! 

I'm so glad I didn't freeze up and words actually came out of my mouth! I wasn't perfect but on a positive note I think it's safe to say fear conquered!!! Great experience :) and I'm proud of myself despite finding it hard to re watch it!

Thanks to everyone that has been so encouraging this week! Has meant alot! :) Look I even got a tweet back off Michelle Bridges and 12WBT!! :)

Then it I was off to an appointment for my daughters first hair cut!! She has the longest hair and had been asking to cut it like Dora for the longest time!! So we decided to donate her hair to kids with cancer! Something I knew adults could do but I didn't know until recently kids could do it too!! So wanted to add it in this blog post incase other mums out there didn't know and were thinking of cutting there girls hair instead of it going to the bin why not donate it! Great cause!

My weekly routine has quickly come to a stop the folloing day Tuesday we were back in hospital this time with my son and daughter! My boy went home last night just left with my daughter now, hoping we get to go home tomorrow so we can enjoy the long weekend! She is doing much better! Scared us this time! But thankfully she didn't get worse and improved. Now that she is off the drip and oxygen we have been wondering around the ward and garden to stay occupied. When she starts getting active again we get pretty over it quickly! So have to find ways to stay distracted!! Missing my bed going on to the fourth night here. Can't complain though she is safe here an everyone is great! Looking forward to getting back to reality and into routine again :) 


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