May 2016 Long catch up post :)

A few years ago now I was very successful in losing weight through the Michelle bridges 12 Week Body Transformation I lost about 32kilos and it truly changed a lot of things in my life! The weight loss part was awesome but the best thing that came from it was the people I met through the program, the confidence with in myself, the awesome experiences and the positive impact it had on my mental health. I also ended up changing career paths I have been working in the fitness industry for 2 years now which I absolutely love! I was able to maintain my success. Which gives me hope that I can have/feel this again!! 


Over the past year and a half I've noticed my body start to change it started with heavy bleeding, blood clots and cramping during my periods every single month with out fail to the point where I needed to run to the toilet, have felt depressed again noticing I would feel down and scattered for 3 week of the month and only 1 week in the month where I actually feel good, more acne and my weight has creped up, these are just some of the changes I noticed well the ones that annoy me the most!! 

But about  2 months ago I hit my breaking point the depression just got worse and I started to get really bad anxiety I hadn't had an anxiety attack in a very long time and it freaked me out that I was feeling like this again!! The bleeding was still the same pretty much everything mentioned above was getting worse! I couldn't handle it anymore. 

So I made the decision to finally get help, I went to the doctors. I explained everything that was going on! I got blood tests done and ultrasound. Blood tests pointed straight away to PCOS as my hormones levels weren't normal they were out of wack the doctor then gave me a referral for a unltrasound, results showed I have cyst in my ovaries and a bit of endometriosis. 

I've was reffered to a gynaecologist next steps are to get another blood test during the 2nd day of my periods, also start on contraceptive and then repeat ultrasound 😑
I also have appointments to see a physiologist and endocrinologist appointment is in July anyone think it's worth it? And a referral to see dietician and exercise physiologist. 

It actually feels really good to get a diagnosis! Like most I have googled so much, joined a few FB groups and tried to find other woman the same which I did not realise how many out there have it! 😱 Which the reason why I wanted to share my experience. 


My goals are varied this time around I have a few different goals which aren't just about weight loss which I will pen down now and share in my next post!! 

I'm looking forward to sharing everything! Hopefully someone out there can read this and get a little bit of hope and positivity from my progress :) 

Jayne X


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