Giving Back :)

So with one day of planning, organization it was challenge day time!!!

For me personally I was nervous, while still being excited! I usually don't like organizing I just rather avoid all the added feelings that come with it! I remember the last time I got gutsy and decided to celebrate my bday with others 3 out of 20 showed up! Wasn't the best feeling having booked a table and only having 3 sitting there. Also came the fact that our team mates didn't know what to expect! So what would be there reaction to what we have planned!!??

The challenge was to door knock in a local neighborhood separate in to 3 groups of 4 and cover three different sections in the area and collect as many food donations as we could.
We chose to donate the collected items to our local women's health centre W.I.L.M.A. which provides a variety of services to women in need from our local community, used by some of the women in our team in the past. We figured while completing our challenge we could give back to those less fortunate in our community especially just before Christmas we could use our fabulous group to do something as a team for others while still conquering our own fears, challenging our confidence, having to have the courage to knock on the doors of strangers and ask for donations. .

So equipped with our heart rate monitors, water, back packs and laundry baskets we were ready!

This our team pictured Devinia, Rose, Carly, Naomi, Effie, Rachel, Deanna, Sarah, Rebecca, Me, Lisa, Abbey and Jeanette :)

Some of us took a while to gain the courage to do the talking, but we supported and encouraged each other to conquer any public speaking fears. We faced and conquered rejection, learning not to let the rejection of others dampen our spirit or stop us from pushing on.

Once our baskets started filling up we gained confidence as well as kilos, working hard to run from door to door with the added weight.

Our challenge incorporated cardio and weight training, as well as challenging and building our confidence and resilience. Carrying the heavy backpacks and baskets in the on and off rain pushed each of us, however each members positivity, support and encouragement helped us reach our goal!

In my group I had Devinia, Carly and Rachel we then separated into two to different sides of the street, I was with Rachel!

At first I was a little shy :/ so I let Rachel take the lead! Thankfully she did! We kept getting rejected! We were starting to get worried! Then we looked over and Carly was on a roll she was starting to get donations! Motivated us to try harder! We had to come back with something! So we changed our strategy, we knew we had to work quicker! It was then when I dropped all my fears aside and JFDI!! Rachel did one house while I did the next so we wouldn't wasted any time! I got the confidence to just keep asking! We started to get donations it felt great!

Our bags and baskets started to get heavy so we had to start stopping for water breaks it was getting so hard to carry! Then we decided to end it at one more house! At this house lived a very generous family the man looked Fijian he already had a collection of packaged food items and a toaster! So our baskets were full and we had to put more in our bags. I will never forget that family! They were so generous and friendly! The man even drove passed us later on and offered us a lift! He sore us struggling with the weight! When we got home the next day and calculated how much weight we carried I ended up realizing I had carried more then 28kgs!! Which was more then the weight that I had originally lost! My back pack alone had just over 10kgs.

We totalled 40km, and 120kgs worth of weight in donations!!

The next day (Wednesday) we went and dropped off what we had collected to W.I.L.M.A they were so grateful for all the food we had collected and told us that all the products would go to less fortunate woman in our community and they really liked our idea.

Pictured below Rachel and I with the ladies from W.I.L.M.A

I personally took a lot more then I thought I would away from this challenge! Today I'm feeling fantastic, I got to meet new friends! Some of the girls in our team it was the first time we had met! I gained confidence, I feel very proud for being part of organizing this challenge with Rachel. My arms today are sore so I know we worked hard, I feel good that we were able to incorporate a charity into a challenge and help out other woman in our community while completing our challenge.

Thanks to all the woman who participated! You inspire me to be a better version of myself all the time! So grateful to have such a great group of support!

We also won a little prize for our efforts :) Thanks 12wbt

Jayne x

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